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The 5 Most Common Reasons Your Underwire Keeps Escaping

We’ve all had it happen…we’re out and about when we feel an odd rubbing on the inner part of your breast. You ignore it until about 3:30 when you realize something just poked you. You look down to find your underwire has escaped its prison and is wrestling with your boob for freedom. A dramatic struggle right there under your shirt! Vive la revolution! With a deep sigh, you shove it back in and quell the attack. Ha! Take that underwire. We take our victory and move on.

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Do we remove it from our lingerie wardrobe? Nope! We put it back on forgetting each time the underwire is looking for its next escape. Sometimes we keep shoving it back in for months. Why does this even happen in the first place?


Here are the 5 most common reasons your underwire keeps escaping!


Improper Laundering

You’ve thrown the bra in the machine a time or two for a good ‘ol wash and dry.  Add in an “all-purpose” laundry detergent and you’ve just become an accessory to the prison break. Even on the gentle cycle and in a lingerie bag machines are killers! Not sure how to wash? No problem – read here.


Improper Fit

An improperly fitting bra wears and moves differently on your body and can cause friction points leading to stress areas on both your body and your bra. In this instance, specifically the casing around the wire. Over time this causes the wire to wear through the fabric resulting in an escapee underwire (which is the least of your concerns if it’s wearing poorly) Gaining weight also affects the fit and stresses the garment causing the wire to break through too.


Liberal use of the front spin method

Putting on your bra in the front and rotating it around back. Yes, bras are a feat of architecture and engineering, but they are still delicate. Twisting and warping the fabric around compromises the structure and can displace the underwire forcing it up through a seam. It only takes once! (This is also one of the causes of the rarer, but not uncommon, wire break and bent wire) Here’s how we suggest you try to put your bra on


The Bra is Expired

It’s old! Bras really do expire. The average life expectancy of a bra is about six (yes 6) months. Not years…months.


The Execution!

Ladies, we are all about fabric, and touch and the feel of something against our skin. We are also sensitive to the weight of our garments and how they breathe. Some designers use a loose weave fabric that cuts weight, is soft, and wears easily off the bat. The flaw is not in construction or manufacturing. It is in the execution. The choice to use a looser weave fabric with the design. Loose weave fabrics have more space between the fibers. This makes it more likely the end of the wire will work the fabric apart and rear its head. Some brands choose not to reinforce the ends of the casing. These are some of the reasons we get “improved” iterations of a single style that change from season to season. They are working out the kinks that aren’t otherwise apparent at the start.


If your bra is past its prime, and you can check off a couple of the items listed above count yourself lucky it didn’t happen earlier:) Fear not, for the frugal fashionista there are ways to fix it and save ‘ol trusty! How to Fix an Underwire.


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