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Bra FAQs

Bra FAQs

Explore our extensive Bra FAQs for answers to common queries. From sizing to styles, squish and red marks, wardrobe guidance, and more. Find the information you need for a seamless lingerie experience. Can’t find what you are looking for? Ask our experts.

Your burning bra questions answered.

How many bras should I have in my wardrobe?

Ensure your daily wardrobe is both versatile and comfortable by maintaining a collection of at least four essential (to you) bras.

Rotate these pieces to allow proper airing between wears, avoiding excessive laundering.

Elevate your lingerie wardrobe by incorporating diverse styles suited for various occasions, ensuring you're prepared for every fashion moment and activity in your unique, daily journey. 

What bras do I need to have in my lingerie wardrobe?

The type of bras you need is deeply influenced by your individual needs and daily lifestyle.

For those engaged in regular high-intensity workouts like HIIT and yoga, a diverse and abundant collection of sports bras becomes essential.

Gone are the days when a mundane beige moulded cup t-shirt bra or an ill-fitting non-wire bra was a necessity. What everyone truly deserves is an array of high-quality, well-fitting options that not only enhance your figure but also eliminate the need for any poorly fitting or underperforming choices.

What bra size am I?

First and foremost, you are not a size. You may wear certain sizes, but it does not define who you are.

Second, Bra Size and Bra Fit are distinct concepts. It's more about achieving the right fit than a specific size, as individuals often fall within a range of sizes.

Our experts prioritize fit to ensure you experience comfort, performance, and the desired look without compromise.

Sizing varies across countries, brands, styles, and even colors of the same style. During your in-store personal shopping experience, our experts handle all these nuances for you.

When shopping online, start with our easy Bra Confidence Quiz and pair the results with our expert's fit notes for each piece. If you have questions, feel free to reach out—we're here to help.

Are you an international or nationwide client ready for us to take care of everything? Our virtual personal shopping experience is available to you as well.

How often should I shop for bras?

Embark on a journey of regular indulgence. After all is it really an indulgence if it is a necessary item? We don't believe so.

Create your own plan, whether it is monthly, seasonally, or more frequently. This approach allows you to curate a lingerie wardrobe that brings you joy.

Say goodbye to the 'only necessities' mindset with just one skin tone and one dark bra. Embrace the vibrant array of options that truly express the multifaceted person you are, replacing worn pieces as needed.

Let your lingerie collection be a celebration of life and your unique essence. What vibes do you wish your lingerie wardrobe to convey to the universe?

How do I care for my bras?

Maintaining your bras are simple. Proper care ensures that you protect your investment and your comfort.

Start by clasping it behind your back, air out between wears, hand wash/air dry every two or three wears with a lingerie-specific detergent, and provide breaks between wears for the elastics [and your body] to rest.

I loved my bra in the store, but it's different at home. What should I do?

If it doesn't feel the same, remember there is an adjustment period where the bra must break in, and you get used to a properly fitting bra. For some people it can be up to 2 weeks.

Do not forget the 'swoop, scoop, & split' technique. Ensure you fully scoop the breast tissue into the cup for the right fit.

Next, check the bra straps and ensure they are not overtightened or too loose.

Consider using a bra extender to add a bit of flexible room to the band. This can help you adjust gradually while keeping the supportive band intact and maintaining the dimensions of the bra that already work for you.

Wash it. Hand washing in a lingerie detergent will assist in relaxing and softening the fibers while removing irritants left over from the manufacturing process.

When in doubt, pop into the boutique for a complimentary fit check!

How long do bras last?

Typically, bras last six to twelve months, but this can vary based on factors like rotation, care routine, breast size, lifestyle changes, materials, and brand. Our clients report to us that they typically enjoy the wear and performance of the bras they purchase from us for a year or a bit longer.

Have you ever thought about the performance through your bra’s lifespan? Our experts do! Is the pinnacle of its performance the day you purchase it? OR is everyday just as heavenly and secure as day one? The focus isn't solely on the lifespan, but rather on how it performs throughout its use.

How do I know when to replace my bra?

Look out for telltale signs such as stretched-out band elastics, irritation, discomfort, lack of support, misshapen or rippled cups, rips or tears, straps that won't stay adjusted, or finding yourself on the middle or tighter set of hooks.

If your body shape has changed, you've experienced weight loss or gain, or your bra has seen regular wear for over 12 months, it's a clear signal that it's time to consider a replacement.

I'm working on my weight. Can I buy something that will fit me later?

Support your body [and your mental and emotional wellbeing] on the journey—don't wait until you've reached your goal to make your purchase.

Dress for your current body; predicting weight changes is challenging. A well-fitted bra for your present shape provides the needed support you and your body require now.

I hate underwear. Do you have wire-free options?

While many have had unpleasant experiences with underwires, often due to improper fit, this doesn't have to define your future.

When fitted correctly, underwires can be comfortable for most individuals. They evenly distribute breast weight, providing support and structure.

We also offer wire-free options for those seeking alternatives.

Lace is too itchy. Do you have non-lace options?

While we do offer styles without lace; high quality lace is soft, comfortable, and provides structure and support.

Strategically placed stretch lace in bra cups assist in providing shape without harsh lines and can even help balance asymmetrical breasts.

Will soft unlined cups reveal my nipples?

Seamed, soft cup bras hold breasts in place, minimizing stimulation, and provide strong lift, support and shaping.

Nipples will show through moulded or padded bra styles. To address nipple concerns, consider this easy reusable sensitive-skin friendly solution

Will seams, straps, or bra embellishments be visible under my clothing?

Poor quality clothing or clothing worn incorrectly heightens the likelihood that any bra, regardless of its "seamless" "no-show" design, may not effectively conceal under clothing if that is your desired outcome.

Think of bras as you would shoes – each one serves a specific purpose for different outfits and activities. Each bra offers a distinct silhouette and neckline that can transform a mediocre outfit into a showstopper.

Just as poor quality and quality clothing alike benefit from appropriate slips, camisoles, and the like, choosing the right bra can enhance your overall outfit.

Make it part of your ensemble, not hide it!

Do I need a molded t-shirt bra?

Traditional 't-shirt bras' might not offer adequate support or the perfect fit for everyone, often aiming for a standard shape.

Conversely, seamed cups often provide superior fit, support, shaping, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, catering to a wider range of body types.

However, we also feature outstanding t-shirt bras, beloved by our loyal Perky Ladies.