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Our Story

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 Perky Lady lingerie

 Tired of being told you are too big, too tall, too small, too flat? No one deserves to feel like that are just not enough. Stemming from our own experiences of always being told we were always "too something" and only finding ill-fitting matronly beige or black styles for many years... we were over it. We couldn't even find lingerie that worked with our bodies. We felt like we were constantly being told that we weren't good enough. We wanted a lingerie wardrobe. And we wanted it to not only be physically supportive but to magnify our spirit within just dying to get out! We wanted to feel good and feel supported, beautiful and comfortable. 

  So, we set out on a mission and started The Perky Lady. A local professional bra fitting and lingerie boutique. We didn't want any other person to suffer like we did! We believe that lingerie lovers of all shapes and sizes should have FUN shopping for bras AND have access to beautiful, well-made, well-fitting underthings.

Gasp! What a novel idea?!

Nestled in a quaint, cozy and glam storefront in downtown Apex, NC, you won’t have to put up with harsh lights, cold non-private fitting rooms, no selection, and less than stellar interactions with salespeople. No mainstream, big box, online grind here. Convenient to all surrounding areas, The Perky Lady team has worked hard to bring you back down to earth by providing the intimacy and hometown feel that you deserve! 

We carry 40+ brands and 150+ unique bra sizes sourced from around the world to ensure we address the unique needs of our clients. We personally test all of our brands rigorously before they are allowed to be carried at The Perky Lady. Furthermore, we've made it our mission to fit clients into bras that work for their body focusing on fit not size. Perky Lady clients benefit from our bra fitting expertise not by being given a number size for an online bra that won't work. We've all tried that before remember? 

And now we've found other lingerie lovers on a mission to make you feel amazing with our renowned Perky Lady team of fitters and a large community of Perky Lady believers! We believe in service practices of a by-gone era, positivity, fun, and dedication while providing you with captivating, beguiling, and sensuous selections that magnify your spirit within. Plus, a little chocolate never hurt anybody!

See you soon Perkies