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How to Check Your Breasts: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Check Your Breasts: A Comprehensive Guide

As a woman, taking care of your breasts is essential for your overall health. Regularly checking your breasts for any changes can help you detect any potential issues early on. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to properly check your breasts.

Step 1: Find a Comfortable Position

Start by standing in front of a mirror with your hands on your hips. Take a moment to observe the size, shape, and color of your breasts. Check for any changes in symmetry or skin texture including nipple changes. 

Step 2: Raise Your Arms

Raise your arms above your head and look for any changes in the contour of your breasts and nipples. You can also gently squeeze your nipples to check for any discharge.


How to Perform a Self-Breast Exam


Step 3: Examine Your Breasts While Lying Down

Lie down on a flat surface and place a pillow under your right shoulder. Use your left hand to feel your right breast in a circular motion, covering the entire breast area. Repeat the same process for your left breast.

Step 4: Check Your Breasts in the Shower

Many women find it easier to check their breasts in the shower. Use soapy hands to glide over your breasts and armpits, feeling for any lumps or thickening of tissue. Have a partner? Great! Get them in on the action. They will typically notice changes before you do. And it's a fun way to do a health check that can be otherwise scary. 


What to look for during your Breast Cancer Self-Exam


Step 5: Pay Attention to Any Changes

It's important to be aware of any changes in your breasts, such as lumps, swelling, redness, or pain. If you notice any abnormalities (or you just aren't sure), make sure to consult with your healthcare provider for further evaluation.


Regular breast self-exams are a crucial part of maintaining your breast health. By familiarizing yourself with the normal look and feel of your breasts, you can quickly identify any changes that may occur. Remember, early detection is key to successful treatment. Make breast self-exams a part of your regular health routine!

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