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How Your Bra Should Fit & Feel

How Your Bra Should Fit & Feel

Embrace the magic of a perfect fit! No more digging, pinching, or spillage. Find your bra soulmate with our experts & discover comfort you'll crave. Ready for your love story? Ask!

Discovering the comfort of a well-fitting bra can be a game-changer, but navigating your new bras after you bring them home might feel daunting. That's why understanding the essentials of how your bra should fit AND feel on your body is crucial. Join us as we delve into the key components of a perfect fit, from the snug embrace of the band to the supportive feel of the fabric. Let's explore how your bra should fit and feel and why it matters for your comfort and confidence.
How Your Bra Should Fit
If you've yet to experience the comfort of a well-fitting bra, navigating the world of bra fittings might seem overwhelming. That's precisely why fittings are crucial. While our Perky Lady team could delve into the intricate details of an impeccable bra fit, let's start with the essentials:
  1. Band: Ensure a snug fit, like a comforting embrace from grandma, around your torso. The back of the band should sit no higher than parallel to the front, providing essential support.
  2. Cups: A perfect fit means the cups fully embrace your breast tissue without any digging, excessive gaping, or spilling.
  3. Underwire: The underwire should rest flat against your torso, tracing the natural curve of your breast root from your sternum towards the underarm, staying securely in place.
  4. Straps: Keep the slack out of the straps —neither too loose nor too tight. While they don't offer much support, well-fitted straps contribute to overall comfort. Typically, if they are digging in, it's a sign that the fit may need adjustment.


How Your Bra Should Feel
Embracing a well-fitted bra introduces a new sensation, unlike any you've experienced. Recognizing that bras serve a functional role in your wardrobe, anticipate a structured feel akin to the difference between old, frumpy lounge pants and impeccably tailored trousers. Or flip flops versus new leather shoes. 
A properly fitting bra not only enhances posture but boosts confidence, prompting you to stand taller and breathe easier. This improved posture, combined with reliable support, may often result in fewer back and neck issues—some previously unnoticed.
The benefits of a well-fitted bra extend to your silhouette, offering a perk (pun intended) of a lifted and forward placement of your breasts. This not only creates a narrower more balanced profile but can make you feel lighter, akin to the effects of a workout (without all the effort)
Transitioning to a well-fitted bra may take some getting used to. It's common to see red marks and indents from the elastic, which means your bra is doing its job. Just like breaking in sturdy hiking boots, adjusting to a proper fit may take up to two weeks for some people. This includes getting used to different materials: stretchy materials are softer but less supportive, while materials with less stretch offer better support but may feel different. Give it time, and washing can help soften the fabric and finishes.

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