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How To Put On Your Bra

Seems like a simple task. After all, you’ve been putting on a bra for how long now? You don’t even think about it, apart from you’d rather stay home today and not wear one! Other than that it doesn’t occur to you how you put it on until you get in front of me…the professional. Then every woman starts to doubt herself. Ladies freeze up, like some kind of performance anxiety.

I’ve gotten the “OMG, don’t watch me put this on” to women freezing up and refusing to put one on in front of me. It’s always hilarious to me and I let them know it’s a judgment-free zone. I promise you, I’m only focused on a couple things. Do you love what you are putting on? Is it comfortable? Are you having so much fun you can’t believe you dreaded coming in?!

I hear from a lot of women that their mom tossed a hand me down bra to them and left to fend for themselves. Or if you had my mom…I swear she waited for a pack of hot teenage boys to walk by us in Roses before she held up my first bra to my chest. Of course, it wasn’t on the down low. She had to proclaim how bountiful I was. And so early. 9-year-old April was not amused, to say the least. 


Pro Tip: If you are uncomfortable introducing your daughter to her first bra, stop in to see us at The Perky Lady.  We can help you navigate!


There are many ways to put a bra on. There is no wrong way! Surprised? Thought I would tell you very dictator like you had to do it one way? I want you to put on your bra whatever way works for you.


That being said there are pros and cons to putting your bra on certain ways. Are you a gal who fastens the hooks in front and then spins it around? Or puts it on over her head? I’m sure you’ve noticed that your band loosens faster and fights to keep its elasticity. I’m betting you also have more instances of your underwire poking you and even popping out of its casing too!

Here’s how we teach ladies to put on their bra…


1.  Slip your arms through the straps of your bra.


how to put on bra


2.  Bend forward at your waist.

This places all your breast tissue forward so you can place your breasts into the cups. Let gravity do the work here for you ladies! Bonus: bending forward can assist you in bringing your arms behind you more easily.


3.  While still bent forward, fasten the hooks on the loosest set of hooks behind your back.

how to put on bra


4.  Stand up and pull the straps up over your shoulders.


5.  Adjust your breast tissue into the cups (The Swoop, Scoop, & Split – it’s the secret sauce)


how to put on your bra


6.  Pull the band down in the back so that it is horizontal, and make other minor adjustments necessary to your straps


how to put on your bra


7.  Do a happy dance!


For those that struggle with shoulder mobility try bending forward first. Secure the bra lower down your back. Shoot for natural waist area instead of up so high on your back. Gently adjust the bra cups under the breast fold and the band in its place before sliding the straps over your shoulders. Situate the girls in the cups, make adjustments, then happy dance!

If bending forward doesn’t help your lack of shoulder mobility, this method could prove challenging to say the least. Maybe you can enlist the help of some eager hands at home? Having someone help put your bra on can be a great bonding moment to start your day with!

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way to put on your bra. Only what works for you! But this way ensures a comfy adjusted fit and can help prolong the life of your bra.  

Whether you are shopping for new bras or lingerie come to see the gals at The Perky Lady. We know how hard it is to find great bras that fit well. We take the stress out of bra & lingerie shopping, and we make it fun! Book your fit sesh now!

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