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How to Master the Art of Washing Bras and Lingerie

How To Wash Your Lingerie - The Perky Lady

How to Master the Art of Washing Bras and Lingerie

Ah, the grand laundry ritual – we've all indulged in the art of creating the biggest pile for that singular journey to the laundry room, only to witness a chaotic symphony of jeans mingling with sheets and bras entangled with towels. Mass hysteria! But fear not dearest, for whether you toss your bras carelessly into the washing machine or stash away your delicates, clueless on how to cleanse them, I am here to guide you through the enchanting world of lingerie care.
The Bra Washing Ballet:
Washing your bras and lingerie need not be a daunting task. Listen closely. Bras are not meant for the washing machine, and certainly not for the dryer. This is a cardinal rule. Machine laundering wreaks havoc – warping underwires, breaking through stitching, causing fabric pills, deformations in molded cups, and hastening textile breakdown.
Each component of a bra is meticulously engineered for a purpose, and compromising any part leads to consequences. Ever pulled your bra from the washer, only to find the underwire staging a rebellion? That's precisely why. So, let's unveil the secrets to preserving your lingerie's grace and longevity.
Guidelines for Washing:
Frequency of Washing: Wash your bras every 2 to 3 wears, and every 1-2 wears during summer or if you're a heavy sweater or user of oils, lotions, or perfumes.
Method: The key lies in simplicity – hand wash and air dry. Invest in a rinse-free lingerie wash like SOAK. It's a time-efficient, cost-effective solution that guards against heartache and discomfort.
Washing in 4 easy steps:
  • Fill a clean basin, sink, or pop up bucket with cool water with sets or like colors together.
  • Add 1 tsp of SOAK wash per gallon of water and swish with your hand.
  • Drop garments in and let soak for 15 minutes. No need to agitate or rinse.
  • Gently press out excess water and lay flat to air-dry
      *Remove deodorant stains with a deodorant laundry sponge before cleaning.
      *Ensure to reshape molded cups and backfill the cups with hand towels while drying to ensure a pristine shape.
      *NEVER hang from one strap while drying. If you choose to hang dry, do so by the gore (middle portion of the bra so it folds in half over a rod or drying rack).
      The hand wash method is versatile and can be done anywhere you have access to clean water and a basin.  Use this method for hosiery, silks, knits, baby clothes, makeup brushes, dog collars, canvas belts, and swimwear. No matter if you are home or traveling, hand washing is quick, easy and the best way to preserve your fit and investment.
      Using a laundry detergent specifically made for delicate items is key. There are many on the market so if you have a favorite, great. We love a no-rinse formula like SOAK. It is dye-free, phosphate-free, biodegradable, and crafted from plant-derived ingredients. It comes in a variety of dreamy scents or scentless. It is also compatible with high-efficiency washing machines for those garments that need a delicate wash but are washing machine approved. 
      Try hand washing your delicates, and witness the magic unfold. Maintain the elasticity, integrity, and shape of your cherished lingerie, all while preserving its longevity. With SOAK, bid farewell to debris and oils that get stuck in your fibers and irritate your body. It is truly an enchanting experience.
      So, dearest, there you have it – the demystification of bra and lingerie hand washing. May your washing endeavors be joyful, and, as always, stay perky!

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