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Boob Magic: The Swoop, Scoop, & Split

Oh ladies, where do I start? If you’ve been into our little shop you know that this is a powerful phrase. The magical formula you’ll recite every time you put that pretty little bra on. You may even giggle. No matter your age we find the vast majority of women don’t know how to put on a bra. Seems simple right? 


These 3 little, tiny, easy instructions will no doubt transform the way you put on your bra & how you’ll fill it out! It is the best-kept secret all ladies should have in their arsenal. When I first started bra fitting years ago I had several clients give me grief about this. No names here…mom and middle sister. Until they tried it.


Ladies…this will change your life! Smaller cup gals love this because it “gives” them more boob. Larger cup gals love it because their side boob isn’t stuck under the side underwire.


If you’ve read our article on how to put on your bra, this is the instructions for step 5. You don’t put on your pants without making simple adjustments to ensure they are fitting comfortably. Same goes for bras!


How to Swoop, Scoop & Split


1. Once your bra is fastened, bend slightly forward.


2. Swoop your right hand into your left cup.


3. Scoop ALL of your breast tissue starting just behind the        armpit up and forward into the cup. (Leave no tissue behind or under the underwire)


4. Repeat with your left hand and right cup.


5. Take your two (2) index fingers and split the girls in the middle to ensure they are settled into their respective cups.


For advanced students grasp the top of your gore (the center of your bra) with your middle and index finger. Bending slightly forward gently jiggle your bra up and down to settle the girls into the bottom of your cups. Make any other adjustments as necessary and go rock your day!


Now that you’ve swooped and scooped, you may find that you have more than you thought you did. Come in to see the gals at The Perky Lady and upgrade to something that fits your “new found” abundance. We know how hard it is to find great bras that fit well. We take the stress out of bra & lingerie shopping, and we make it fun! Reserve your spot now.


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