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Bra Fit Troubleshooting 101

Bra Fit Troubleshooting 101

Bra drama blues? Ditch discomfort & find your fit fix! Our gurus solve ALL issues - straps, cups, styles, fabrics. Support & confidence guaranteed. 

Uncover solutions to common bra fit woes, from slipping straps to cup sizing challenges. Dive into the secrets of a well-fitted bra and bid farewell to issues like chafing, floating wires, and more. Ensure you find the perfect bra that not only fits flawlessly but provides the support you deserve. Say hello to a world where comfort meets style, and your lingerie wardrobe becomes a source of confidence.
Struggling with slipping straps?
There are two common causes: an oversized band or a less than complimentary style for your body. Both push the straps outward - sometimes wider than your body requires. Opting for a properly fitted snug band and/or a different bra style with centered or adjustable straps can be a game-changer - especially for those with sloping shoulders.
Dealing with the dreaded 'bubble boob'?
If breast tissue spills over the cups (aka 'quad boob' or ‘pop n’ fresh’), it's a clear signal the cup is too small. Alongside a larger cup, finding a bra with a more accommodating shape is also key.
Experiencing chafing?
While red marks are par for the course, chafing shouldn't be. Often stemming from a loose band, the breasts dictate where the bra moves throughout the day causing chafe. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a well-fitted band for ultimate comfort and performance.
Facing a flying underwire situation?
Wires taking flight when arms are raised or moved indicates that your bra band is too loose, failing to provide the necessary support. Other causes can be from improper cup volume, improper underwire shape, or poor style choice. Oversized bra bands and cups that are too small is the most common reason.
Dealing with a band riding up?
If your bra band morphs into a frown by sliding up your back, it's a telltale sign of a loose band. Easily fixed by ensuring your new bras have a smaller band or adjusting the hooks on your current otherwise well-fitting bras for a snugger fit. 
Encountering cup gaping?
Contrary to popular belief, it's not always a matter of a too-large cup. Gaping often arises from a mismatch between cup shape and body type, especially common in t-shirt/molded cups. Moulded bra styles do not work for a vast segment of the world's population.
Lack of Separation?
If the wires between your breasts don't lay flat against your chest, it indicates a cup that's too small or the wrong shape. The solution lies in opting for a larger cup size that accommodates breast tissue. Another solution is selecting a style that complements the proximity or distance between your breasts and the depth of your breast tissue. Of note, non-wire or wire free bras rarely provide separation.
Familiar with the 'Panda Eye Boobs'?
This sagging appearance, especially in molded or non-wire bras, signifies inadequate support and structure. Most people notice this after a beloved family member takes a picture...Switching to a bra with superior construction and seams ensures a beautifully rounded shape, steering clear of the 'sad panda' look.

Struggling with Bra Size Calculators?
Our experts and loyal Perky Ladies know that finding perfect fitting bras for your body is a mix of science, art and a bit of our special magic. No one has "one true bra size". That's why people loving coming in person and letting our experts handle everything for them. What's easier than having your own personal shopper?

However, when shopping online the best place to start if you have never had an expert bra fitting, may be a bra size calculator. You may have found that different bra size calculators yield varying results, as they're typically based on the specific brand or store's products. Additionally, how, when, and where you measure yourself can also impact the outcome. While quality information can help, it's only a starting point. Utilizing fit notes and conversion charts are essential components in achieving as close-to-perfect fit when shopping online.

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