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Top Signs Your Current Bra Isn't Working For You

How do you know if your bra doesn’t fit? Is your bra too big? Is your bra too small? Here at The Perky Lady, we hear all sorts of things in our dressing rooms. We hear confessions of midnight chocolate cravings (we’ve all been there). We hear about relationships, dreams, hopes, and all the amazing stories that our friends tell us while they are being fitted. One thing has really stood out to us though that nearly every one of our friends have told us when they come through the door. “I hate this bra!”.


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We certainly aren’t surprised by the revelation, it’s part of the reason we opened our doors! What has surprised us though is the number of times when that is followed up by, “But I guess it’s good enough”… Good Enough?! Good Enough???!!!


When you think of the amazing man or woman that swept you off your feet (or Mr./Ms. Right that you just haven’t met yet) do you think of him or her as “good enough”? Of course not! You think of that magical feeling you get thinking about your one and only. Guess what ladies, your bra can do THAT!


So how do you know if you’ve settled for good enough? Here is a list of the top signs that your bra is under-performing. Here’s your reason to nix the excuses and stop settling for good enough! If you can check off even 1 of these, ditch your current bra and pop in for a professional fitting.


  1. You pull, tug, re-adjust or fidget with it all day

  2. The underwire is digging in – ANYWHERE

  3. Your band rides up your back or pinches

  4. Despite having 2 breasts, it looks like you have mono-boob

  5. It looks like you have 4 boobs or you spill out anywhere

  6. The gore (center part of the bra) doesn’t tack (rest against your sternum)

  7. The cup is gaping

  8. You are at constant war with your straps

  9. You dread putting it on or don’t feel beautiful in it


Can you believe there is a solution to solve these issues? A properly fitting bra in a complimentary style for your body & lifestyle. One that fits wonderfully, makes you feel good, supports you, and comes in color (gasp!).

Stop settling for good enough and visit your local independent bra fitting boutique where your professional bra fitter can help you find Mr. or Ms. Right for your perky ladies. At The Perky Lady, we make sure they feel loved, supported, and get that happy feeling every time your new bra is put on. 


Whether you are shopping for new bras or lingerie come to see the gals at The Perky Lady. We know how hard it has been in the past to find great bras and lingerie that fit well. We take the stress out of bra & lingerie shopping, and we make it fun!

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