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The Science and Magic of Bra Fitting

We hear it all the time: Bras are uncomfortable. Bras suck. Some man must have invented bras because no woman would do that to herself. The truth? Well-fitting bras are comfortable. Bras are freaking amazing. And a woman invented the bra. 

We’ll admit that finding a comfortable bra is difficult, but that’s why we’re here. There are so many variables that go into a well-fitting bra and our purpose is to make sense of all those details - the UK/EU/US/whatever sizing, full/balconette/three-quarter styles, wide set vs. narrow strap placement, and on and on and on - to find your best fit.

At The Perky Lady, we have over 135 individual sizes with ten custom sizes that are made specifically for our shop. We have over 20 different bra brands that each cater to a different type of body. 

Beyond that, there’s more to consider- fabric types, elasticity of materials, shape and size of underwires, etc., and of course, the most important element in bra fitting:


And that’s where the magic of bra fitting comes in. Despite universal traits that everyone has like one boob being bigger than the other or back ‘fat’ along the band, each person we fit is uniquely shaped. Even when the measurements match someone else, each bra fits each person differently. This means that even if we had 20 different bras in someone’s range, only a handful will fit that person. 

So while we’re excited when someone comes in saying they saw a certain bra and stopped by for that specific bra, the truth is that it may not exist in that person’s size or it may not be a shape that is flattering for that person’s body and personality. However, we can see what it was that they liked about that bra and find those elements into something that will fit. Ya’ll we work really hard to bring in comparable styles in different sizes. It isn’t easy and sometimes it doesn’t work out.

It’s our job to combine all the hard science with all the abstract factors to show you options that make you feel really good about yourself. And we’re damn good at it. We find your unicorn, or several...You might even say we're your bra fairy godmother.

Are you ready to see our magic at work? Book a fitting and come see us!

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