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The Big Question: "What is my bra size?"

If someone asked me what the #1 question I get asked is, the answer is unquestionably, "What is my bra size?".

Don't believe me? Go to Google right now and just type in the word "Bra" and hit the spacebar to let google know you are focused on Bras. The primary image for this page will show you that over half of the suggested searches are for sizing options.

What's even more crazy is that if you actually click on a few of those calculators that they give different results with similar information. This is because there really is no standard and they are simple programs written with variables, none of which are real people.

Moreso, if you have used a calculator and ordered various bras you likely found that they all fit a little differently. Some were a bit more snug, some more generous in the cup, some didn't work at all. That's what generic feels like and why calculators don't tell the story of the unique person that is you.

It's no wonder that people look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them that it doesn't matter because it's not an accurate representation of their size. In fact, it's not even the right question. The proper question would be, "What is THIS bra's size?"

You likely read that and said, "Isn't that the same question? Why are we discussing grammar right now?!" We're not, I promise. Let me explain.

Throughout your life you've gotten in various cars. That first thing that could barely even be described as a car that you drove around proud as a peacock in because it was better than walking for example. Remember that? "Vintage drapery" ceiling, Mismatched door color, 4 different tire brands? No? Congrats, your parents loved you more than mine apparently. Anyway, in the various cars you have been in since that time would you say that you have a single seat setting?

Think about it for a moment. They are all just vehicles right? They all have seats that are meant for sitting in and driving, so why aren't they all the same? That's because each manufacturer is different and each seat is built differently. Even the same manufacturer but a different model in different colors will fit and feel different. In fact, even in the same car with the same seat that setting might be impacted by seat covers, exposure to heat, and any other number of items. To take that a step further, even in YOUR seat with YOUR preference does it always feel just right when you get in? Of course not, sometimes you adjust it back (Rib night makes my seat shrink. It's the damndest thing), sometimes you have to lift it up a bit or down to get that just right feeling.

Did you adjust the seat when you were pregnant? Did you adjust when you went on that all Kale Smoothie diet and somehow gained 4 pounds in a month?

The point it that there is no setting that is perfect for every day and the answer is true of bras as well. They are all different and the size is simply a generic guideline. That's why we recommend a professional bra fitting where you are matched with a bra rather than just grabbing something off the rack and hoping for the best because it met a generic standard.

If you've ever watched Say Yes to the Dress (a guilty pleasure of mine, and while he would never admit it, the Perky Man loves it too). Isn't it odd that each of those dresses requires someone to tailor it instead of simply having a size and that's it? How about suits, sure they come off the rack but you can always tell when something is fitted and tailored. That's what bra fitting is and that's why bra size is just a generic guideline, not an answer.

So, the next time you find yourself getting ready to go bra shopping and adjust your seat and mirrors to head towards The Perky Lady take a moment and think about that adjustment. The only real answer to the question is, the one that fits perfectly and makes you feel like a million bucks.

Stay Perky ladies and we'll see you soon.



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