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Stepping Up Your Lingerie Game

So now that you’ve dipped your toes into the world of lingerie, it’s time to take the next step. This means that we’re going beyond matching sets and elevating the basics. 

As always, lingerie is for you. Move at the speed that makes you comfortable. But if you’re looking to step up your game a little more but not quite ready for what google shows you when you search lingerie, here are some tips to get you to that next level.

  1. Feel out your style. With so many of us having just broken out of the “we need a beige foam bra and a black foam bra and nothing else” mentality, this is a time to really think about what you want in lingerie. Experiment with different styles (do you always wear full cup bras? Try a balcony.) and pay attention to how certain pieces make you feel. We find that lingerie can enhance how you’re feeling that day: playful, sweet, ready to kick ass, etc. It can also help get into a certain mood and we’re not talking just for the bedroom. Say you’re super nervous about a presentation. Slip into the bra and panty set that makes you feel like you’re going to conquer the world, plan your outfit around that and your attitude will shift.

  1. Incorporate lingerie into your wardrobe. Use lingerie as an accessory to your outfits. Maybe have a strappy bra peeking out of a v-neck, or use a lace robe as an outer layering piece to dress up jeans and a t-shirt. One of our fitters layered a mesh halter neck bodysuit under a strapless dress and it was amazing! The more you play with your pieces, the more combinations you’ll find.

  1. Fill in the gaps of your lingerie wardrobe. Once you have a decent starter set of lingerie - three bras (at least) that fit well, matching and coordinating panties for the bras, one nice set of pajamas, and maybe a bodysuit or a good robe - take a step back and see what you could use. Some lace? Something dramatic? Something glam? More of your favorite color? This is similar to taking a look at regular clothing. Sometimes we step back and say “I need jeans in a darker wash, three long-sleeve tops, and I’m seriously lacking in cardigans and outer layers.” This also applies to lingerie. 

Stepping up your lingerie often leads to stepping up your confidence. The key is to make it about you. If you notice in the tips above, it’s all based on your personality, preferences and needs and pushing yourself to be a little more purposeful in being who you want to be. Book a fitting or stop by so our wonderful fitters can help you get to that next level in lingerie! 

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