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Slippery Straps

 We’ve had a few people recently come in annoyed at straps that constantly slip off their shoulders. We fully understand the frustration and are happy to help. At The Perky Lady, we’re fans of the ‘set it and forget it’ approach to bra wearing. Once you put it on (always remembering to swoop, scoop and adjust), you should be able to forget about it and go throughout your day. So, as your bra fit experts, we’ll talk a bit about what causes slippery straps and some solutions we can offer to help with that.

Typically, there are only a couple of reasons that might cause straps to slip on a bra:

  1. The wrong size/fit. Most often, people who haven’t been correctly fit in a bra are wearing a band that’s too big for their body. This means that the frame of the bra is too wide, which means the straps are placed further out than their body requires. 
  2. Worn out bra. Even though most of the support of a bra comes from the band, the straps still do some of the work, and eventually, they’ll stretch out. When the elasticity wears out, it makes sense that they won’t stay in place.
  3. Anatomy. Some people have more of a slope to their shoulders than others. Just like some people are taller, or have curly hair. All bodies are different and we do what works for each of us.

Thankfully, we have a few solutions that could help:

  1. The right fit. Finding the right fit will make all the difference in how all the parts of a bra work and could solve strap placement problems.
  2. Full cup bras. When straps fall off a lot, one way to solve that is to look for full-coverage cups because the straps on these tend to be placed closer to the center. The drawback is that full cups don’t work for everyone, or you may prefer a more open neckline.
  3. Built in J-hook. Some of our styles come with a built-in J-hook that gives you the option of a racerback bra with a simple clip of the hook. This is great because it hooks the straps together and makes it impossible for them to slip.
  4. Racerback converters. These work like the j-hooks, but they’re not built in. This means that they can be added onto any bra to help prevent slippage or have a racerback option. Each set of converters includes three pieces (black, beige and clear), and they are available for narrow straps and wide straps.
  5. Silicone strap pads. These babies slip around the straps at the shoulder, helping them keep from slipping. Additionally, they provide some padding. 

We’d love to help you find bra and lingerie solutions! Schedule a time to come see us!

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