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Let's talk about boob sweat

What is in this article? 

Read along with model Perky Lady employee Alicia Frazee as she explains the joys of boob sweat and what women can do about it. Below are some quick links if you want to jump straight to an action and understand how it can help.


A little Background
Raise your hand if you've already been hit with the dreaded boob sweat! All of us, right? It's unavoidable during our North Carolina summers. It's not just gross. Boob sweat can cause skin irritation and kill your summer fun. Luckily, your resident Queens of Cleavage have some advice on how to deal with it.

1. Get bras that fit! You had to see that coming, right? In our experience, most people wear a band that is too big, so that means their boobs hang against their torso. This, my friends, isn't a bra - it's a boob cover. A well-fitting bra will completely surround the breast tissue, so there should be a little more room for the boobs to air out. If your bra isn't going under your boobs, book a quick fit with us so we can get you in the right bra. We always recommend at least three bras: one to wear, one to wash and one that's ready to go. It's also nice having extras so you can change during the day if you get extra sweaty.

2. Keep things clean and dry. It may feel great to take a baby wipe or damp rag to the underbust, but it's important to keep that area dry. When you're out and about in this heat, underboob sweat will happen. Try to keep things dry down there and the irritation could be kept in check. Also make sure the skin is being cleaned often and dried after showering or swimming.

3. Wear breathable clothes. Cotton, linen, silk...these fabrics are the stuff summer dreams are made of and for good reason: they keep us cool! Try to avoid synthetics that don't allow for air flow. This applies to daytime clothing as well as night time. Lacy bralettes, shortie pjs and silk chemises will help you stay cool and give your skin the ability to breathe whether you're lounging or sleeping.

4. Wash your bra. When was the last time you washed your bra? If you're reading this post about boob sweat, chances are it's past time to wash your bras. All that sweat and dead skin that makes boob sweat so gross is on your bra. And it's having a big ol' germ orgy while you sleep. And when you put it on and sweat some more, the orgy goes into overdrive. See where we're going with this? Yeah...just wash your bra. It's very little work, helps your skin stay healthy and helps extend the life of your bra. We always recommend hand washing with SOAK wash after every one or two wears during the summer, but any lingerie wash will do.  

Boob sweat is part of our reality, but  we're not about to let a little boob sweat ruin our summertime fun. 

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