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How Often Should I Wash My Bras

“How often should I wash my bra?” We all wonder. Sometimes it devolves into whether we actually want to wash or not wash at all? We are all guilty of neglecting our most important piece of clothing. It serves as a literal support system for our body. Metaphorical battle armor. It is the foundation, the rock, from which our most bangin’ outfits sit upon. Yet, we often neglect to care for it.


I’m not just talking about washing here…we tug at it, throw it in a chair, on the floor, leave it in the car to bake. We abuse and neglect our most tried and true support system. Why?


Some of it lies in the ambiguity of the information we read. Hand wash or machine wash? When? How often? With what? It can get overwhelming and appear like a monumental task. And thus it falls down the list of all the other to-do’s.


Bras on clothesline


My clients ask me about this all the time. How often should I wash my bras? Here’s my answer. Washing depends on several factors: lifestyle, personal hygiene, weather, how you wash, & the bra’s function.


First, let’s dig into an essential tool for any woman that owns the gym. The sports bra. A good rule of thumb for sports bras is to wash after every workout. Being a badass comes at a price! All that jumping around and sweating break down of the fibers in the garment. It also grows and harbors bacteria leading to rashes and not so fresh smells.


Washing your sports bra after every wear not only helps with cleanliness, it prolongs the lifespan of the bra. It protects the integrity of the fit which is just as important. Even with great care, you should expect to replace your sports bra every 6 months or so. This ensures you are properly supported and reduces the risk of injury. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have multiple sports bras in your rotation. It makes it easier to clean each one you use and gives the others a break between wears.


Next up is the staple of sizzle. The special occasion bra. You only wear it for a couple of hours and you don’t do much in it. Heck, in some cases it’s made specifically to be taken off as soon as possible  You can get away with washing your “come hither” piece about every 4 wears so long as it is unsoiled. Fewer if you need it freshened up. You can use this rule of thumb for your lounge bra too. Assuming you are only popping it on for a few hours of tv or reading lounging after work a couple days a week.


Finally, we come to old faithful. The everyday bra. Truth is, it depends.


If its hot outside, you’re active, and sweaty expect to wash after every wear. That’s a lot of washing! If its cooler outside and you are a little more sedentary expect to wash after every 2-3 wears.  However, be sure to air it out after every wear. If you have a high ph to your skin, wear a lot of oils or scents on your skin, or it just plain blazing hot all the time you’ll find yourself having to wash more often than the average recommendations.


Lifestyle and personal hygiene will dictate your personal standard of cleanliness. Maybe you are comfortable squeezing 4-5 wears out of a single bra in the winter and 2-3 in the summer. Or maybe you never wash your bra during its entire lifetime. That’s up to you.


However, for my wash recommendations, I typically recommend a base rotation of at LEAST 3-4 bras for everyday wear. It gets laundry day down to once a week when you have several you can work through. We call it the bra wardrobe and it not only keeps you out of the laundry room but also gives your body a break from having the same bra sitting on the same points of your body every day.


Besides, variety is the spice of life, am I right? This is one of the things you should absolutely be treating yourself to. Your back and clothes will appreciate it!


Full Coverage Emerald Green Lace Bra


You wear your bra 10-12 hours a day on average. During that time the fabric is collecting all the oils, deodorant, lotions, etc. from your skin which causes an acceleration in the break down of the fabric. Washing on the more frequent side helps preserve the fabric’s integrity and retains the fit which, in turn, preserves the garment. When you are spending $60-$200 for a bra, it pays to do anything you can to properly care for your investment.


I know what you’re thinking, “If I’m supposed to wash that often I’m tossing those bad boys in with the rest of my laundry!” I beg you…resist the temptation! Washing isn’t time-consuming or hard anymore. Besides, you will do way more damage throwing them in the washer & dryer then not washing them at all!

Always, always, always hand wash! Delicate lace, a sturdy sports bra, lounge piece….doesn’t matter. Always hand wash with a delicate wash & air dry. Want no fuss, no muss? Pop in and pick up a bottle of our super easy no-fuss lingerie wash. It makes the process as simple as your washing machine (It doesn’t even require a dryer!) but without the risk of having a wire pop out and ruining your investment.


"1 tsp. Soak + wash in a basin of cool water, let soak for 15 min (or longer if you forget), pat out excess water & air dry flat. No rinsing required! It doesn’t get easier than that."


Whether you are shopping for new bras or lingerie come see the gals at The Perky Lady. We know how hard it is to find great bras that fit well. We take the stress out of bra & lingerie shopping, and we make it fun! Reserve your fit sesh today!

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