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3 Easy Ways To Get Into Lingerie for Beginners

We often get visitors who look longingly at all our pretties and say things like "oh, I could never wear lingerie!" or "I'm just not able to wear something that pretty!" 

But you absolutely can! Actually, you already are. If you're wearing any kind of undies, have pajamas or a robe, you are already wearing lingerie so why not wear the stuff that makes you go 'ooh!' rather than whatever ill-fitting thing you threw in your cart out of frustration at a big-box store? 

We see how it can be a little intimidating, so today we're going over some tips to get started with lingerie.

  1. Get the matching panty! You fall in love with a beautiful, well-fitting bra and then you leave behind the matching panty?! Frankly, that should be illegal. There's something about wearing a matching set of undies that makes you feel put together, just like in regular clothes. When you have just the right top, bottom, shoes and accessories, life just seems better. A matching bra and panty is easier to coordinate than a whole outfit and makes a bigger bang in how you feel. There’s a special kind of confidence that comes from being put together from your innermost layer, and the simple act of getting a matching panty gets you there. 
  2. Elevate your basics. We always preach about having beautiful bras and not getting basic blah pieces, but let's apply that to other types of lingerie. Do you have a ratty old bathrobe? Try something soft and luxurious. Are your pajamas actually just some old clothes that are one laundry day away from being cut up into cleaning rags? Get some super soft and comfy Peruvian pima cotton pajamas or a silky chemise
  3. Try a bodysuit. If you're looking for a specific place to start, try a bodysuit. They fit like a swimsuit or leotard, so most people are used to wearing that shape (as opposed to corsets or strappy harnesses) and we carry a variety of bodysuits to suit style and comfort levels. You can have a beautifully embroidered masterpiece, a sassy but covered up piece with just the right amount peek-a-boob, or a fully sheer number that's ready to wow. 

By taking that one extra little step above your comfort zone, you are instantly in the world of lingerie. It’s a simple thing to do, and the team at The Perky Lady can help guide you through it. 

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