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Minisoak Travel Pack Scentless
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Minisoak travel pack

  • Contains 1 pack of 8 individual packets
  • Scentless (for your sensitive side/clean & fragrance free)
  • Throw in your makeup bag, overnight bag, carry-on, purse, backpack, rucksack, or checked luggage

What it is: Soak is modern eco-friendly laundry care.  A super easy no rinse and no agitate clean you trust and love!

Soak is perfect for your laciest lingerie, sports bras & workout wear, swimwear, softest sweaters, silk, cashmere, baby clothes, quilts, hats, tech gear, makeup brushes, and more!

Perfect for travel!

How it works: Just Soak in cool water for 15 minutes and pat out excess water. No need to rinse or agitate. Lay knits flat to dry. Wash sets (like lingerie) together. 

    • made with plant derived and renewable ingredients
    • biodegradable, phosphate-free, dye-free, sulphate-free
    • safe for hand or machine washing (including HE)
    • flight & travel friendly packaging