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Perky Lady Signature Candle - The Perky Lady
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Perky Lady Custom Candle Collection

by Wicked Woven

Delight in our Perky Lady signature scented candle collection by Wicked Woven! Uniquely found only in our little boutique. Fragrance layering ensures you are guided through a complete experience. Let the depth of these curated scents guide your evening or magnify your mood within. Hand painted jars are as unique as you are.

Choose from our exclusive signature scent collection only found at The Perky Lady!

Belle Ringer - A delightfully warm and homey scent evoking notes of cranberry and amber. Container color primarily deep plums.

Nip Slip - A flirty and sinfully fun scent evoking notes of chardonnay and amber. Container color primarily a blend of subtle metallics.

Sheer Surprise - A clean and uplifting scent evoking notes of sandalwood, ginger, and jasmine. Container color bright turquoise and purple.


*Please note candle containers are hand painted and will thus has variability in their coloring like ART! This means your candle will be unique.

  •  NC local made and sourced from a female owned social conscious small business.
  • Soy candle with wood wick.

Directions: Light your wood wick all the way across. It is important to let the melting candle wax reach the edges of the jar to avoid getting a tunnel. Ultimately you want any candle to to burn straight across the jar to get the ultimate candle experience. Every time you are relighting the wood wick, simply flake off the frayed charred edge of the wood wick with your finger and then light it. Remember the wood wicks will SIMMER instead of flame. It is not uncommon to see different flame heights depending on the environment in which it is burning, but don’t freak out if it is simmering. That’s exactly what its supposed to do Boo!