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Where is The Perky Lady located?
We are located at 106 W Chatham St., Apex, North Carolina, USA.

We are around the corner from A Taste of Brooklyn Bakery, nextdoor to Rose & Lee Co., and right across the street from Apex Baptist Church. Look for the house with the brick wall out front. Feel free to park in the driveway or on the street. The church is also kind enough to offer overflow parking in their lot directly across the street. Just make sure they don’t have their event signs up please.

Do you have other locations?

Not yet! We are the one and only independent and female owned Perky Lady. However, our online shop with a small sampling of our goodies is available 24/7 from the comfort of your own boudoir! Click here to start shopping! We are also happy to ship your phone or social media orders to any location in the USA.

What are your hours?

Tuesday – Friday 10am to 6pm and Saturdays 10am to 2pm. We are closed Sunday and Monday. *Holidays and Special Events may alter these hours. Stay up to date by following us on our social media channels. Check out online shop – available 24/7!

Do I need an appointment for a bra fitting?
While we encourage you to at least book our complimentary quick fit appointment, we do service walk-ins! You can come into the store for your complimentary bra fitting for Perky Lady products, during any of our regular business hours. All of our bra fit specialists are highly trained and are looking forward to helping you find the perfect bras & intimates to build or complete your lingerie wardrobe. Booking a complimentary Quick Fit appointment will allow you to jump the lines or upgrade to our private VIP experience on our site. Both are available during our normal business hours, except Saturday hours of 10AM – 2PM. VIP experiences may also be scheduled outside of normal operating hours at an added cost. Should you choose this option, you may only book by calling the shop directly at (919) 589.2970.
What can I expect to pay for bras?

While your specific needs and style will dictate how much you can expect to spend with us, our client’s average purchase will include several pieces and total between $250-$500. Some purchases will be more and some will be less depending on preference, style and number of pieces.

Do you host private parties? Bridal showers? Book Club perhaps?
You bet your sassy booty we do! If you want to be a legend amongst your friends you’ll want to book a Perky Party! We host a variety of special events at The Perky Lady and would love to host your next private party! Perfect for a ladies night, bachelorette party, bridal shower, gettin’ your groove back party, graduation, or any other reason to celebrate! For more information read here and then call (919) 589-2970 to book.
My bra fitter is older/younger or larger/smaller than me. Will she understand what I need?
Yes! Our Professional Bra Fitters have a wide range of ages, body types, backgrounds, and life experiences that enhance their comprehensive fit training and skill set. By carrying a diverse product selection, we are able to serve a diverse clientele that provides a consistently varied environment. We assure you will not lead to any “shock and awe” scenarios. Our diverse experience allows us to cater to needs outside of our own. We always work as a team and ask for the help of other women on staff, if it is needed. No need to worry, we have you covered regardless of age, size, or hang ups you may have!
What sizes do you carry? Do you carry my size?
We carry a wide variety of bra sizes in UK A – K cups and 28 – 46 band sizes. In lingerie, underwear, robes, hosiery, loungewear and sleepwear we typically stock sizes XS – 4X. This will vary by style or brand. If you don’t see a size that works for you in a particular style, fear not!  We do our best to bring complementary or similar styles to round out size ranges. Ask us for a recommendation!

But do you carry my size…? In our shop people are pleasantly surprised to find that we do not put them in a box. You may leave with 5 different size bras from our shop, BUT they will all fit. Do not get hung up on the letter number combos. Instead focus on fit. What fits and feels the best! You will have many options and may find something unexpected that you love by keeping an open mind and listening to the advice of your fitter.

How are your products sized? What size am I? What size do I buy?

 Our bras and lingerie are mainly imported from European companies and occasionally sourced from small brands or independent designers. We prefer using the UK sizing method for most of our bras; however, we don’t believe in measuring and going from a size chart.  Measuring is not the same as fitting. Fitting is what you will get when you physically come into the shop. With all the variations in style, sizing, brands – even in the same bra but a different color – it may fit differently. It can be overwhelming and even paralyzing when you are put in front of a million different options and you are left with a measuring tape and a standardized size chart for products that aren’t executed in a standard way and neither is your body.

So, when you come in the shop – have no fear! We will be there to get you into the right fit with ease – be it bra, lingerie, or underwear. We prefer providing personal service so that you get a phenomenal fit every time, which is why you find a gallery of bras we carry on our social media page but cannot purchase them through our online shop that is coming soon.

Shopping online with The Perky Lady is available NOW! We want you to have the convenience and ease you are looking for. We also want you to purchase with confidence. While sizing guides are generally a good place to start, make sure to check the “Fit Tips” tab on our  product pages, for more information regarding specific fit. If you still aren’t sure shoot us an email at hellogorgeous@perkyladyunderthings.com, message us via Facebook or Instagram, or call the shop at 919.589.2970  to discuss the fit of specific Perky Lady garments. We are always happy to help!

Do you carry plus sizes?
Yes we absa-freakin-lutely do! We cater to a wide range of sizes and fits, carrying lingerie from an XS-4X, and bras from UK A-K cups and 28 – 46 band sizes. We place a special emphasis on sourcing and stocking a full array of styles for your killer curves!
Are the sizes you have on the sales floor, all you have in stock?
Not always! Ask and we will happily check. If there is a specific style or color that you like, but you don’t see it. Ask! We may be able to order it for you on our next round of ordering for that brand. Also if you are having trouble locating a size on a tag (we all forget our glasses!) ask! We love love love to make shopping easier for our clients!
Do you offer bridal gift registries?
We absolutely do! You can come in anytime to start one – no appointment necessary. Come in, try on items, and tell us which selections you made to save to your registry.  Please do keep in mind that fitting room service is on a first-come, first-served basis, and Saturdays can be quite busy. Give yourself lots of time to start a bridal gift registry, so that we may provide you with the best service possible.

Or book a private VIP experience while you try on items and make your selections, your personal fitter & shopper will assist you with her lingerie expertise and private one-on-one customer service. She will take note of all the items you would like added to your registry, so you won’t have to lift a finger! All while you nosh on local treats & sip a fizzy drink, if you wish.

Better yet! Book a Perky Party for your bridal shower and get everything you want the same day and a load of amazing memories with your friends and family!

Do you carry bridal undergarments?
Yes! We make every effort to keep a selection of strapless bras and bustiers, in stock at all times. We strongly suggest booking a VIP experience for your bridal fitting. This gives you a private one-on-one fit experience where you and your fitter can take the time and attention to find the perfect foundations for your big day, without the hassle of divided attention from shop traffic. Additionally please come in as soon as possible for your foundations fitting in the event that something would have to be ordered for you.
Do you carry sports bras?

Yes! We carry a variety of athletic sports bras from leading specialty bra brands – Panache, Parfait, and Anita. The majority of our sports bras range from medium to high impact designs, and A – J cup sizes, so there’s something for most people and every activity!

Do you carry nursing bras?
At this time we do not carry nursing bras. If this is something you would like however, please let us know. Interest from our customers about their needs helps us plan our inventory for the future. In the meantime, please check out the Women’s Birth and Wellness Center Boutique
Do you carry mastectomy bras?
Currently, we are able to provide mastectomy fittings for both prostheses and bras. However, we order these items on a per client basis to ensure you specifically get what you need. We do not actively stock mastectomy products as part of our ongoing inventory at this time. While HSA is accepted, we do not file or accept insurance or Medicaid. It is our sincerest goal to be able to expand into a full service offering in the future. Should you have any questions please call or email our shop and we would be happy to help or refer.
What are fashion styles or fashion colors?
Fashion styles and colors are seasonal products, which means they are only available for a specific season, and are discontinued by the manufacturer after distribution. Fashion styles are often ordered 6 months to a year in advance, and usually cannot be reordered. So if you love a color or fashion style you better snag it before it is gone! We typically only order 1 of each size or 1 of each size for a selection of popular sizes for certain pieces in fashion items.
How do I prepare for my bra fitting?
Keep these few simple suggestions in mind when getting ready to come in for your fitting:

  • Please give yourself enough time and mute your cell phone if possible. You will feel more relaxed and more present if you aren’t stressed for time or have constant phone interruptions. We know you are important, but taking uninterrupted time just for you is more important. Plus our fitters are giving you their full attention, it is important that you do the same so you get the best possible results.
  • Come clean. Wear minimal deodorant or clear deodorant and minimal to no perfume and body oil. Got a tanning or spray tan appointment? Schedule it for after your fitting or on another day. These are intimate items and while our fitters minimize what is tried on we still want to ensure the cleanliness of our product offerings. Plus you run the risk of ruining that great tan!
  • Save the heavy meal for after your fitting. You will be much more comfortable if you have a light snack or wait till you are finished. Besides, you’ll want somewhere to go to strut your stuff and show off your new silhouette and confidence after your fitting. Downtown Apex is a wonderful area to peruse and grab lunch or dinner.
  • Keep the jewelry minimal or store it safely away in your purse when trying on bras and lingerie.
  • On your period? Or having hormonal shifts? This will affect your fitting. We fit for your current physical situation. Save the fitting for another day, unless you are specifically looking for a bra to wear during period/hormonal times. Your bra may end up fitting differently.
  • Gather any clothing (special or regular) that you’d like to try your bras on with. We suggest booking our VIP appointment for wedding related attire.
  • If you need help getting dressed or cannot walk or stand unassisted, please ensure that you bring a friend, family member, or caregiver with you to your fitting. Our staff are experts at bra fitting and are not trained medical professionals.
  • Participate in your own successful fitting. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You will only get out what you put in. Giving your fitter a slew of don’t/can’t/won’t mandates or must’s that aren’t synergistic will hinder the fit process. Trust the process and have fun! Lingerie is beautiful and exciting so enjoy it.
Do you ever have sales?
When you start a complimentary in-store customer profile with us, you are eligible to receive exclusive discounts, take part in our customer referral program & become a member of The Perky Club (loyalty). We also host exclusive client shopping parties that include fabulous discounts or promotions! To keep abreast of sales and promotions, follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter. We send it out only when there is actual news to share! We do not offer price adjustments on previously purchased items. Offers cannot be combined.

Hostesses of Perky Parties always receive 10% of the total sales during their party in merchandise credit to use during their party. Not only will you be a legend amongst friends, you get rewarded! Schedule your Perky Party today by calling us at 919.589.2970.

Why are some products / bras more expensive?
The Perky Lady makes every effort to ensure the product range we bring to our clients, offers a phenomenal fit, stellar quality and a range of price points. So why should you treat a bra as an investment? Quality, comfort, fit & style. Like a good pair of shoes, a good bra is an investment. It should be both comfortable and supportive; after all, you are wearing it all day everyday! It affects your health, mood, and well-being throughout your entire day!  The two main reasons that some products are more expensive, are:

  1. The materials used and construction of the garment are of a high standard of quality. Engineering actually goes into a bra. Patterns aren’t just scaled for size, they are re-engineered and redesigned based on the needs of the sizing.
  2. The garment has been manufactured using skilled craftsmanship, and has undergone rigorous quality control testing. These garments are designed in a developed country, and often many components, or the whole piece, is made in developed countries as well. Some luxury brands can require up to 50 pieces to make one bra! This isn’t a laser cut or stamped, hot pressed moulded bra made for a bulk for a box store.

Both of those factors ensure that you are receiving a product that is both comfortable and beautiful, and will last a long time with proper care. When you come in for your fitting don’t hesitate to try on bras in a variety of price points one after another. We encourage it! Compare it. Look at the details on the more expensive bra – the finishing, the quality of the lace, the feel of the fabrics. Consider the thought that went into giving you the best comfort and fit possible – the anatomical shape of the band, the cushioned pocket for the underwire, the U-shaped back that keeps your straps in place. Notice how much better it feels, and ask yourself, “Aren’t I worth having gorgeous everyday bras that fits me well, gives me the support that I need, is comfortable all day long, and I feel beautiful in?” (Hint: The answer is a resounding “YES!”)

What is your exchange policy?
Visit our Exchange Policy page for the deets.
What are my payment options?

At our in-store location we accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, The Perky Lady gift card, and The Perky Lady e-gift card as payment. We also have contactless capability and Apple/Android pay. Our online boutique accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and The Perky Lady e-gift card. At this time our online system is only compatible with our e-gift cards.

What are the benefits of creating an in-store customer profile?
The Perky Lady offers a complimentary in-store client profile to every client. The following benefits to our customers, with their profile:

  1. We keep a detailed, automatic record of all the items you have bought over the past 12 months. We can look up your profile in a matter of seconds. What was that bra I bought last time I loved? Which SOAK wash did I buy in December?
  2. You can tell us items you want to purchase later or have someone purchase for you by adding it to your Wishlist. It is a great way to ensure you get everything you want! No more cell phone photos with no context. Let us keep track for you!
  3. Partners especially love shopping Wishlists! It leaves the guesswork out of sizes & styles. Everyone wins!
  4. You become eligible to pre-order pieces before we release them for general sale.
  5. You are automatically enrolled in our referral program & Perky Club (loyalty). Refer 10 new people that purchase at The Perky Lady and receive 50% off 1 bra. Starts over each calendar year. Perky Club – purchase 6 bras and receive a FREE GIFT!

We respect your privacy! Our customers’ personal information is never sold or shared with third parties.

How can I receive information about new arrivals, sales, and promotions?
Follow us on social media and/or conveniently subscribe to our newsletter in-store during checkout. You may also sign up for our newsletter on our website.
Do you accept guest blog articles?
We are always interested in unique, interesting, and informational content that is both of value to our audience and complementary to our brand. With these considerations in mind, If you have a great idea for an article or wish to have a piece published please let us know! Shoot us an email at blog@perkyladyunderthings.com to start the conversation. While we try to respond as quickly as possible, please allow 48 hours before sending a follow up. Please note, not every submission will get published.
We are interested in The Perky Lady carrying our brand. What is the best way to reach your buyer? Are you interested in our B2B services?
Our main shop number is reserved for our clients and prospective clients only. They are our first priority. Please do not call the shop. Calling the shop without prior permission will revoke consideration. For brands:  If you have an interest in The Perky Lady carrying your brand, please send an introductory email to info@perkyladyunderthings.com. For services: No we are not interested in your services. If we are interested we will reach out and make initial contact with your company.
I’ve booked my Online Bra Fitting. What else do I need to know?

Your online fit appointment is only as good as your participation and any measurements you provide to our fitters. Ensure your success by following our suggestions you received in your booking confirmation email. Should you have misplaced this email please reach out to us at bookings@perkyladyunderthings.com and we will be happy to resend you that information! Please note that we do not provide a bra size for you to replicate during your session. We do not believe in setting our clients up for failure!

Online Bra Fitting Follow Up Fit Check
A complimentary 15 minute follow-up fit check is offered to all Virtual Fit experience clients following their original virtual appointment. Most people are astounded at how great their new bras fit and feel. If you just aren’t sure or you think there is something to be improved upon we are happy to assist! You have the option to book your follow up fit check at the time of your original booking, it is offered again during your initial appointment, and a third chance via the link in your email immediately following your appointment. If you do not receive your follow up booking link please let us know by contacting us at bookings@perkyladyunderthings.com.

The follow up fit check appointment must be booked and completed within 10 days of your original virtual appointment. After the 10 days all purchases made during the virtual fitting will become final and no store credit or exchanges will be given

Do you offer contactless options?

Absolutely we do! Shop from the comfort of your home 24/7 with our online boutique, book a contact-free online bra fit & shopping experience, or drop us a line with your order let us know if you’d like complimentary curbside pickup or shipping. Its just that easy!

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