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Welcome to The Perky Lady Bra Gallery!

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Browse a small sampling of some of our seasonal bras and those we carry year round. 

Let’s be honest, if buying bras were as simple as following a chart or algorithm, everyone would own a healthy lingerie wardrobe that fits like a dream! We know that doesn’t happen and that’s why The Perky Lady is here. We believe bra fittings should be done in person by a professional who uses their expertise to understand your body, your needs, your wants, and meet your goals in the dressing room. So scroll through and enjoy!

Our sizes are perfectly proprietary. Perky Lady bra fitting expertise is what you benefit from, not us selling you random numbers. We fit you into bras in our shop that work for you, not a size for one on the internet that won't. No sizes given... #youaremorethananumber

When you come in for your fitting let your bra fitter know
what you loved!

You are fabulous!

28 products
  • Carmen
    Carmen - The Perky Lady
  • Extreme Control Sports Bra
    Extreme Control Sports Bra - The Perky Lady
    SIECI - The Perky Lady
  • Cassiopee Seamless
    Cassiopee Seamless - The Perky Lady
  • Cate Underwire Bra
  • Melody Seamless Full-Cup