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You Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated

Did you know the center of your bra should lay flat against your sternum?

The proper term is called tacking. One of the signs of a properly fitting bra is that the center of the bra (called the gore) rests firmly against your body in between both of your breasts. Having your bra tack does a number of things. It serves to keep the girls separated and securely encased in their own homes (your cups).

You can also think of this center portion of your bra (the gore) as a keystone to the band. If you know how an arch works, the keystone in the centermost piece that allows the structure to remain in place, secure, and doing its job. Having your gore tack does the same thing for the band and overall fit and performance of your bra.


Never had a bra tack before? A lot of women who haven’t been professionally fitted haven’t. There are a couple reasons why your bra doesn’t tack.


One reason your bra isn’t tacking is that the cup in and of itself isn’t big enough. The telltale signs are quadro-boob, spillage, or uniboob.

Another reason is the cup may be made too shallow for your breast tissue. This may even happen even when it is a proper size, but not a great style fit for you. That particular bra doesn’t play the best with your girls. It might be close, but not ideal. Sometimes adjusting sizing can fix the issue and sometimes its just not going to help.

The last and most common reason is usually a combination of band size and cup size. When your band is too large and your cup too small, the center will not rest firmly between your breasts. Many women don’t realize they need a much smaller band and much larger cup.

Here’s where a specialty bra shop, like The Perky Lady, comes in. If you are frustrated with the fit of your bras and are ready to upgrade some of your old stretched out ones, come get fitted. You deserve a custom fit without all of the overwhelming guesswork.

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