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Top 5 reasons that bra calculators are a lie

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  • What is a bra calculator?
  • Why are bra calculators flawed?
  • How will a fitting help me find a bra that fits rather than find a size?

    Quick Intro

    Odds are you found this article because you've been looking online for a bra calculator that actually works. The magical formula that will tell you exactly what size you are so you can shop around and get the best deal on that amazing bra that is going to support you and look amazing. 


    What is a bra calculator?

    Before I tell you why bra calculators and sizing charts are flawed I wanted to take a moment to explain what a calculator is. The word calculator is misleading here because a calculator is a piece of equipment that works in absolutes and tallies numbers correctly. A better wording really should be "Bra size estimator" because that's really what they do. They are taking a guess on your bra size based on a few measurements. What a bra calculator is good at is providing a technical fit, but the technical fit is only half the story. 


    What are bra calculators flawed?

    The nature of the calculators and whomever wrote them means that unfortunately bra calculators are flawed and aren't going to give you what you are looking for. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

    1. There are lots of different breast shapes, densities, and sensitivities. Just because a bra technically fits doesn't mean it's the right bra for you.
    2. Different bras work for different purposes. Every day, sports, special occasion, date night, etc
    3. Breasts are not always the same size. Weight gain/loss, menstral cycle, water retention, pregnancy and so much more can impact breast size and shape.
    4. Not all bras fit the same! Two different bras with the same size may fit differently, even from the same manufacturer.
    5. They use different formulas and give different results. Try a few and compare, you're likely to get as many sizes as you try calculators. Which is right?


    How will a fitting help me find a bra that fits rather than find a size?

    Unlike a calculator a fitting with a professional bra fitting will take all of the factors into account. They can get the technical fit correct (like a calculator) but combine it with their product knowledge to account for all the items a calculator cannot. 

    It may sound intimidating but it doesn't have to be. A good fitter should be able to identify your technical fit quickly and begin addressing your questions within minutes to start allowing you to try on bras that are to your specifications and taste. The experience should be fun.

    The professional bra fitters at The Perky Lady are here to help you if you're tired of looking at a calculator and ready to start finding comfort in your bra. If you live in or will be visiting the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina we encourage you to book a Quick Fit or VIP Appointment with us. 

    We also offer Online Bra Fitting appointments if you are unable to visit our local shop with the same great service without having to even leave your home!


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