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My boobs are…melting! Saggy Boobs Explored.

Ah, the good ‘ole flop! The droop! The big melt! The big migration! I’m talking about the dreaded boob sag.  Why do our boobs insist on heading farther and farther south as we age?

Surprisingly the main culprits have very little to do with your bra. Here’s the part where we don’t know if we should laugh or cry. I suppose it depends on if you think you can win against the house.

Some of the main culprits (in no particular order)

Loss of skin elasticity
Collagen deficiency
Estrogen deficiency
Higher BMI
Larger Breasts
Rapid weight gain and loss (or vise versa)
Multiple weight gains and losses
Multiple Pregnancies and/or breastfeeding (doctors and scientists can’t agree on one or the other or both)


Some of these directly relate to genetics and are out of our control. Others we can try to help ourselves with. Loss of skin elasticity comes with aging. There’s no way around that. When we add in a history of sunburn, smoking and/or extreme weight fluctuations we can expect sagging to occur. We have systematically encouraged an accelerated loss of elasticity in our skin through repeated trauma and affecting natural bodily processes.  That being said, some doctors and scientists argue that if you have larger breasts wearing a well-fitting bra helps fight against the pull of gravity and loss of skin elasticity. Citing a lack of proper support will take its toll over 30-40 years.

I don’t know about that. But I do know I am surely more comfortable having my girls well-supported. My neck and back thank me. Plus, in my personal experience, I’ve noticed my bras do help to keep my shape tip top.

Ready to fight the sag on your own terms? Reserve your personalized fitter and grab a few amazing bras that will keep the girls perky…at least until you take it off. Seriously though...getting a great bra is cheaper and less painful than a breast lift!

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